connecting podcasts to engagement

The podcast ecosystem is frustratingly disconnected from the web. Access to guest info, show notes, sponsored products
and all the other amazing podcast content relies on listeners separately finding it online. This is bad for hosts,
guests, sponsors and, most importantly, listeners.

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bring your shows to life

Our simple and intuitive podcast tagging platform brings content engagement directly into the listening experience. Add pictures, videos, links, social profiles, show notes and all the additional info your listeners always wanted but never had. Directing traffic to your website, your guests and your sponsors has never been easier.

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real analytics

We want to bring podcast analytics into the modern age without interfering your process. Do things the way you've always done them or change it entirely - it's always up to you. We provide the data you've always wanted but never had: downloads vs. actual listens, listener engagement, listener conversion, just to name a few. Gain insight into when listeners drop off or track the number of users over the course of an episode. We're collecting every data point possible so hosts can better understand their audience.

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Give your audience the 
full experience